Freedom Functions: Fighting Gang Injunctions and Criminalization from LA to the Bay!

Join us for a special event with California organizers who have fought against the use of racist, anti-community gang injunctions.

Organizers from LA will be joined by Stop the Injunctions Coalition (STIC) member organizations Xicana Moratorium Coalition and CR-Oakland to discuss strategies and tactics for victory and community empowerment.

This spring, the Oakland-based STIC won the first full victory against gang injunctions in the country, and Oakland no longer imposes gang injunctions on its people.

This is first of a four part Political Education series put on by LA No More Jails called FREEDOM FUNCTIONS. By bringing together different communities organizing across Los Angeles’ many and varied neighborhoods, we intend to make connections between the state of the prison industrial complex throughout Los Angeles’s expansive geography.

Please come join us and further the movement for a free Los Angeles! Along with presentations and discussions from participating groups, there will be time for interactive strategizing, thinking and dreaming as well as resource and relationship building amongst all.

Speakers Include:
Kamau Walton (CR Oakland)
Santi Salazar (XMC)
Jackie Garcia-Martinez (XMC)
Isaac Ontiveros (CR Oakland)
Kim McGill (YJC)
Robert Cristo (Brown Berets + YJC)
Rio-Jill Contreras (STAY)

Participating Organizations:
Stop The Injunctions Coalition (STIC):
Xicana Moratorium Coalition (XMC)
Critical Resistance Oakland (CR Oakland)
Youth Justice Coalition (YJC)
Standing Together Advocating for our Youth ( STAY)
Brown Berets
+ more

6-8PM @ RAC LA 2515 W. 7th St Los Angeles 90057

– Free – Snacks provided! –

For More Information Contact:

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