June 19th Father’s Day Action at Twin Towers

Join the LA No More Jails Coalition on Father’s Day! We will be at Twin Towers and Men’s Central, hosting a rally and interactive event to build opposition to the proposed women’s jail in Lancaster and LA County’s $2.3 Billion Dollar Jail Plan.

Location Note: We will be on the corner of Vignes and Bauchet

This year is a pivotal year for the jail fight, as construction on the new women’s jail is slated to begin early next year. The LA No More Jails Coalition has been fighting LA County’s jail plan through its various forms since 2011, and we are looking to build support and amplify the voices of those most directly impacted by the construction of a new jail.

For our annual Father’s Day event, we’ll have a photo booth where folks can take pictures to bring to their loved ones. We will also have balloons and a light breakfast to share!

The LA No More Jails Coalition intends to create a space of warmth, love, and resistance at what is normally an intensely violent and sad space for families.

We want to build community to be able to support people with imprisoned loved ones while also building opposition to the jail plan by holding space to talk about community alternatives to the policing and prisons that ravage our communities and take away our loved ones.