Get involved now!

On September 13th, the final Environmental Impact Report on the Mira Loma jail plan was released and it will soon be reviewed by the Board of Supervisors (anticipated timeline of mid-October) in order for the county to authorize construction. We believe that all jails and prisons are toxic to the health and wellbeing of those caged within them as well as the people and the environments surrounding them. One aspect of our campaign to stop construction of the Mira Loma women’s jail is to fight the jail on environmental grounds, citing issues with its construction and operation in the areas of water supply and quality, air quality, and hazardous waste.

LA County currently cages around 17,000 people on any given day, with the lives of each of these individuals’ and their loved ones disrupted by the harms of imprisonment. Many grassroots activists in Los Angeles have been opposing jail construction for more than a decade and are resolute to ensure that County and State funding slated for jails is instead invested in real solutions such as housing, healthcare, education, and substance use and mental health services.

The LA No More Jails Coalition believes that locking people up in cages does not make anyone safer, and only serves to tear communities apart. We are working to stop the proposed women’s jail in Lancaster and the proposed mental health jail in Downtown Los Angeles and are demanding investment in resources that actually create strong communities.

The timeline for the proposed jail construction is moving quickly and we have a small window in order to stop this jail from being built on environmental grounds.

Below are some needs that we have in our campaign, if you or anybody you know would like to help or has access to these please do let us know so that we can strengthen our fight!

  • Interns! – We would love to take on motivated interns to help during this intensive time of struggle!
  • Environmental Science and Policy Expertise
  • Video, Motion Graphics, Infographics Makers and other media creation
  • Legal Representation to challenge the County’s Environmental Review
  • Turn out to actions

We will be mobilizing in October to stop this next phase of the jail plan. Stay tuned and join us!