Fighting Cages Inside and Out: Valley Fever Testimony from Prisoners

One aspect of our campaign to stop construction of the women’s jail in LA County is to fight on environmental grounds, citing issues and hazards with its construction and operation in the areas of water supply and quality, air quality, and hazardous waste. Critical Resistance, a member of LA No More Jails, solicited testimony and analysis from contacts who are currently imprisoned in the Lancaster area because we are gravely concerned over the violence of the proposed jail and the risks of Valley Fever in that area, including for those who would be imprisoned at Mira Loma. Check out their responses.

Are you in the LA Area? Do you know people in LA and can activate them? Get involved to stop this jail and check out the events below. The timeline for the proposed jail construction is moving quickly and we have a small window in order to stop this jail on environmental grounds. Contact CRLA now.