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LA No More Jails Coalition members and allies have carried out powerful actions to demonstrate our commitment to strong communities, not more jails. Check out some of the important work the coalition has done.

Public Comment in Response to Environmental Impact Report


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The LA Sheriff is attempting to move forward with a plan to build a new women’s jail in Lancaster.

The LA No More Jails Coalition believes that locking people up in cages does not make anyone safer, and only serves to tear communities apart. We are working to stop this jail, and are demanding investment in resources that actually create strong communities

As part of building a jail, the county must do an Environmental Impact Report, which assesses the negative impacts that the construction of the jail will have on the environment and the people. Jails are terrible environmentally, worsening things like traffic pollution and the degradation of natural resources. Prisoners in this area are also highly susceptible to serious diseases like Valley Fever. The county must do what is best for our environment and our communities and put an end to this jail plan. Public comment closes on January 12th. We must receive as many comments as possible before January 12th to oppose the jail proposal.


  • The site where the jail will be is a “hazardous materials site.” Building it will put those inside the jail in significant danger.
  • Stormwater drainage and the water supply are not up to current standards.
  • People in the jail will be highly susceptible to Valley Fever. Since 2005, thousands of California prisoners contracted the disease, and over 50 have died as a result. Yet, Valley Fever is basically ignored in this report.
  • A new jail in Lancaster will mean more travel, creating more traffic and air pollution.
  • Family visits are crucial for prisoners to maintain strong connections and reduce recidivism. The longer distance makes it harder for family members to visit their loved ones who are locked up.
  • Two underground storage tanks at the site have failed leak detection tests, meaning there could be contamination of soil and groundwater.
  • For people at the jail, there is a high risk of exposure to contaminated soil and ground since 44% of the project site will be “outdoor pervious area.”
  • The Environmental Impact Report must assess alternatives to building the jail. However, the report does not look at alternatives to imprisonment that would make this jail completely unnecessary.

We ask that you write your comments in the form on this page and it will automatically email the LA County Chief Exec Office and Board of Supervisors. You can include a personal introduction describing yourself and why you oppose the jail in the space provided. If you would like you can use the provided template and personalize it for yourself. Every comment counts. Let’s stop this jail.


Health Care Not Jails

Join us for a HEALTH CARE NOT JAILS community gathering and art show :

WHEN:   Saturday, November 14, 2015 12:00 – 2:00pm

WHERE:  FachaPatoto Art Gallery, 2000 E. 1st Street, Boyle Heights, LA, CA 90033

WHY:  To support the growing movement to create a society where people’s needs are met in healthy and compassionate ways and create a world that we want to live in.

** art-making to vision the society we want
** check out art work about incarceration
** get informed about the jail plan

** get involved in the fight against new jails and for better health care

** watch a performance of flow-etry (poetry and rap) By Mad Macs

Background:  The LA County Board of Supervisors (The Officials who make the decisions for all of LA County) recently voted to spend over $2 billion on two new jails.  WTF!!!! Why is billions of our money being spent without our say and locking people up when we know jails do not rehabilitate.  Our elected leaders pitch these jails as treatment facilities.  But we know police and jails CAN NOT provide mental health care.

We know the solutions to the challenges in our communities!  Those of us on the frontlines of providing and receiving care, as well as our families and communities, know what we need to make LA County a safe and healthy place to live:

  1. More Clinics and Health Care providers in more places

+ more community clinics with providers who are trained to care for our communities’ needs

+ enough clinics and providers so people can get an urgent appointment when needed

+ enough alcohol and drug rehab facilities so no more long waits

+ enough quality mental health group homes, clinics,  walk-in centers and intervention teams for the real numbers of people who need them in our community

  1. Better Quality Care

+ providers with more time, good listening skills, interested in building a personal relationship with us and work towards solutions that work for us

+providers that are monitored to be providing quality care using the best practices in the country

+ tightly coordinated, on-site care in multiple settings (school, neighborhood)

+ mental health programs that are effective, compassionate, caring, family-based and community-based

  1. Natural and Herbal choices

+ access to  trauma-informed healing, not just medication, which includes art, music & movement therapies

+ access to acupuncture, massage and other means of getting healthy outside of doctors and hospitals

  1. Power and Voice for Patients and community

+ accountable to the people and families using the services, not for-profit companies or even not-for-profits that have no relationship to the community

+ patients, clients, families and communities have direct oversight

Freedom Functions

Come join us for this workshop series as we build the movement towards healthy communities and holistic care in Los Angeles. We’ll be talking through how to respond to issues of mental health in our communities and unmasking the narrative of ‘gender responsive’ jails and seeing them for what they are: gender cages.

This is a four part Political Education series put on by the LA No More Jails Coalition called FREEDOM FUNCTIONS. By bringing together different communities organizing across Los Angeles’ many and varied neighborhoods, we intend to make connections between the state of the prison industrial complex throughout Los Angeles’s expansive geography.

  1. September 13, 2015: Fighting Gang Injunctions and Criminalization from LA to the Bay
  2. October 6, 2015: Community Based Alternatives to LA County’s Dangerous 2 Billion Dollar Jail Plan
  3. November 3, 2015: Jails Are Not Service Providers! LA’s Mental Health and Gender Cages
  4. December 1, 2015: Privatizing the P.I.C. LA’s Private Prisons & Detention Centers

What would you do for your community if you had $2 billion?
Would you build a jail?


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